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What is the Sports Premium?

The Government is providing funding of £150 million each academic year until 2020 to be shared between all Primary Schools nationally. This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport. All money will be directly given to Headteachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all children. The sport funding can be spent on sport and PE provision only and is ring fenced for this purpose.

Who receives the Sports Premium?

All state maintained secondary schools, academies, middle schools, special schools and pupil referral units that have primary aged pupils will receive funding.

How much money will a school receive?

Each academic year all schools with 17 or more primary aged pupils will receive a lump sum of £8000 plus a premium of £5 per pupil. This means that an average sized primary school will receive just over £9000. Funding is calculated by the number of primary aged pupils (between the ages of 5-11) as of the school census January 2015.

How will it be monitored?

Schools will be held accountable for how the money is spent. Ofsted will check to see if the school is using the money appropriately. Ofsted inspectors will be given new guidance on how to do this. Schools will be required to include details of their sports provision on their websites so parents can see how the funding is being used.

Purpose of the Sports Premium

Schools will spend the sport funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but will have freedom to decide how they do this.

Our uses for the funding this academic year are;

  • Hiring specialist PE teachers to work alongside existing teachers to improve practice.
  • Training for staff to improve their skills in teaching PE and sport.
  • Provide cover for teachers to access training on sport and PE.
  • Buying new resources i.e. schemes of work, new equipment.
  • Ensuring the learning environment is engaging for all pupils.
  • Providing more/improved after school/lunchtime clubs.
  • Sport taster sessions. (Introduce new sports to the children)

How will it be used at Hunters Bar Infants?

It is important to know that the funding provided must be spent in a manner that will provide sustainability once the funding ends. We must strive to provide the best sporting provision for not only our current but also our future pupils. Guidance has also been released indicating funding can roll over to the next academic year but must be ring fenced for PE and Sport provision. Therefore no quick decisions need to be made but only those that are paramount for the school and pupils. Along with 30 other Sheffield schools we have joined the Points Learning Network and an action plan has been devised and implemented for this academic year. Our key actions are;

To provide professional training in games and athletics for our staff

  • Improve the learning environments (playground/school hall)
  • Upgrade key equipment
  • Introduce a change for life club
  • Promote healthy eating and living
  • Enrichment opportunities in new sports
  • Join city wide athletic events
  • Introduce new, exciting schemes of work in sport and PE that link to our already outstanding curriculum topics

Evaluation of 2015/16

Hunter’s Bar Infant School

Each school receives Sports Premium funding from the Department of Education. This money is provided to develop existing and future sports provision. We can allocate our funding into four main areas: High Quality Physical Education (P.E.), Competition, Health, and Community, depending on the needs of our pupils.

Each year our P.E. co-ordinator, Mr Michael Barnes, works with the head teacher, Mrs Catherine Carr, and our sports outreach advisor, Helen Stevens, to decide the most appropriate way to spend our budget so that it provides maximum benefit for the teaching and learning in our school.

Total number of pupils on roll (Sept.) 2014-15 2015-16

Support progression of high quality lessons through staff mentoring.
Enhance the range and types of sports our children can take part in.
Continue to take part in competitions within school and with other local schools.
Continue to provide additional activities which allow our children to experience new and different sports.

Our sports premium money has been used to access the resources and expertise of the Points Learning Network. The Network Team has supported Mr Barnes in a number of ways:
support and train staff, as well as sourcing a Level 3 coach to support peer teaching of Athletics and Games;
coaches have worked alongside staff to develop a further repertoire of new and different sports activities
support for staff in using data to inform PE and sports provision
coaches have run sports-based clubs after school time;
coaches have provided resources and equipment for a Change 4 Life club; and
Helen Stevens has worked with our P.E. coordinator in school regularly over a term to support the sports’ provision, impact and monitoring of sport in school.

Teaching staff have gained confidence of delivery and increased subject knowledge.
Coaches’ expertise has allowed the children to be taught in a wider range of sports, including sitdown volleyball, football, basketball, cricket, rugby rounders and athletics.
Children are continuing to take part in more Level 1 competitions in school, with some children also attending Level 2 competitions including football, rugby rounders and athletics.
With the support of Helen Stevens and Michael Barns, the monitoring of PE has ensured that all children have had opportunity to take part in sports activities over the year.
Staff are volunteering to lead our Change 4 Life physical activities in unstructured times- this is being further developed to enable them to lead a club at lunchtimes in the summer term.
Mr Barnes has attended Sports Conferences outside of school and provided feedback from these events to other staff is school.
Sheffield Sports Mark Silver sustained in 2015-16 (Bronze in 2014-15)
£6815 invested in coaching support including; curriculum mentoring, increasing the breadth of our school sport offer, house competitions, PE action/development planning and targeted support for Gifted and Talented Children
87% of the whole school have attended 1 or more extra-curricular sports club (+16% on 2013/14)

Sheffield Infant School Games Champions 2016

Courses / Workshops

  • Sheffield Sports Network Meetings x4 –Mr Barnes
  • Whole staff training- using data to inform PE and Sports decision making. Led by Mr Barnes Inset September 2015
  • Peer Coaching Autumn Term 2015
  • Level 3 Athletics Coach KS1 Summer Term 2016


Clubs Delivered By Staff Clubs Delivered By Or With Outside Agency
Change 4 Life
Multi Skills
KS1 multi-skills


Level 1 (House) Level 2 (Inter School)
Sitdown Vollyball
Rugby rounders
KS1 Multi-skills
Sportshall Athletics
Rugby Rounders

Quotes from the children about the impact of the Sports Premium funding 2015-16
‘We have lots of fun learning new things and sports- it gives us lots of energy, we get to work as a team and we get to work with lots of different people too!’
‘PE is better as we are more sporty and more fit now.’
‘We do lots of different sports – we love it!’
‘I like the way that we can play lots of different sports.’
‘I like competitions we do now- we get to compete against other schools and we can make new friends.’
‘We get sporty equipment we love using and things to use at break times too!’


  • To ensure all PE lessons are “good” or “outstanding”
  • To continue to utilise assessment data to inform planning
  • To maintain a high profile for sport in school, evidenced by retention of the Silver Mark
  • Continue to take part in competitions within school and with other local schools.
  • Continue to develop pupil voice through the involvement of Sports Council in decision making and forward planning for Sport and PE.

We intend to spend our sports premium funding on the partnership with the Points Learning Network.
Outreach Support 2016/17:

  • Points Learning Network
  • PE/Sport Advisor continue with a termly visit
  • KS1 Physical Literacy Coaching – weekly, developing fundamental movement skills
  • Staff support for PE leader role including attendance at sports’ conference in 16-17 and beyond.
  • Extra-curricular clubs focusing on new skills and sports
  • Change for life lunchtime club-training the children to run this further.
  • Whole school gymnastics support and training.
Sports Premium Funding Report 2016-2017 – Download Document
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