We are a Reception class. Ms Martin is our class teacher for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Hadfield teaches us from Thursday to Friday. Our Learning Support Assistants are Miss Brice and Mrs Julian. Mrs Begum also assists in our class.

Mrs Hadfield and Ms Martin have time on Wednesdays to talk and hand over all the important information so that the transition is smooth each week.

In our classroom we have a wide range of activities and resources to support our learning; including role play, creative resources, writing activities, sand and water, construction materials, small world play and playdough. We go outside EVERY day; learning outdoors in all weathers. We have a lovely outdoor classroom with a mud kitchen, a big sandpit, lots of materials for den making, big water containers and pipes and guttering for connecting and moving water, items to create and play games and make obstacle courses. It’s all lots of fun!

Throughout the year we look forward to many trips into the local community – such as to Endcliffe Park, to Ecclesall Library and to the Citadel. We also really value the importance of showing children the wider world, and so if you have a particular talent or skill you would like to share with the children then please let us know. In the past we have had parent artists, poets, musicians, police officers, doctors and scientists come and talk to the children. We really appreciate people giving up their valuable time when they can, to help the children with artwork, play games or read with them. If you would like to volunteer to help on these trips, or to volunteer in our class please talk come and talk to one of us.



It is really helpful if each child had a bookbag. These can be purchased from the school office. We use these to send letters home in, and as the year progresses we will also be sending books home in them.


Please send your child to school with a water bottle with fresh water in each day. They can access these at all times during the school day.


School will provide your child with a free piece of fruit each day (banana, tomatoes, sugarsnap peas, apple are some examples) and a free carton of milk up until your child’s fifth birthday. Once they turn five you have the option of paying for your child to have milk each day. You will receive a letter from the school office at this time.


Is usually on a Thursday. However, sometimes we use our PE kit for extra- curricular activities too, so it needs to be on our coat pegs every day. In your PE kit there should be shorts and a t-shirt for indoor PE and also pumps (plimsoles) for outdoor PE.


We also advise that all children have a spare change of socks and underwear in their PE bags in case of accidents or water spills. Thank you for putting your child’s name on each item of clothing– it’s a great help.

We really value strong links between school and home and over the year offer workshops for parents to discuss how children learn. Look out for information on curriculum, reading and maths workshops in the coming months. Please know that our door is always open and we are always available for a chat or update on how your child is getting on at home or at school. Just find one of us at the beginning or end of the day to arrange a time to talk.

Keep in touch
Take a look at our Class Learning Blog use the button below (you will receive a password for this), Facebook (@HBISInf) and Twitter (@HBInfants) pages to keep up to date in all we do at school.