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One of our school priorities is to ensure that all children have the knowledge and tools to promote good mental health and wellbeing. We are proud to be part of an NHS project in partnership with the CAMHS team called Healthy Minds in Schools. This began in January 2019 with a survey of children, parents and staff to look at areas where we could support and improve the mental health of our pupils. Some examples of current practice are:

  • Pupil Emotional Health Champions, who regularly learn positive strategies and techniques from one of the Clinical Psychologists, then teach them to their class
  • Reflective Practice introduced to staff
  • Staff training on child mental health and what to be alert for
  • Sleep workshops planned for parents
  • Staff awareness of how to create positive environments in school
  • Introduction of emotional wellbeing activities such as peer massage, use of touch and breathing, yoga, mindfulness exercises, Theraplay activities etc
  • Enhanced transition with bespoke activities
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