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All classes have a weekly timetabled computer lesson in the Media Suite, where they have access to 15 desktop computers, 15 iPads, and various other technology/ICT devices. In addition, each Key Stage 1 has a timetabled iPad session, where they make use of a set of iPads to enhance their learning. EYFS classes have access to iPads in their classrooms each day, which have a range of educational apps available to use.

In their weekly Computing lesson children look at three strands of the curriculum: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy.

Computer Science is about using computational thinking to solve problems and make things for a given purpose., often through coding. This may involves writing and debugging programs on Scratch or other coding software, or creating and testing flowcharts, such as on Flowol.

Information Technology is about how technology and technological devices work. Children will learn about the different parts of a computer, the difference between input and output devices, when it is useful to use a computer but also when a computer isn’t needed, and examples of the use of ICT and computing in ‘real life.’

Digital Literacy about the safe and responsible use of technology. Children learn about how they can stay safe online, about the appropriate use of ICT, and where they can find help if they come across anything untoward owhen using the computer, and specifically the internet. Digital Literacy is also about solving problems and making useful things, using digital tools, such as spreadsheets, video editing applications and so on. Some examples of the work undertaken by our children include creating a slideshow presentation about a researched topic, using a graphics app to create artwork, using a camera to create a collage of images, developing a short Stop Motion animation, using VR software to explore new locations, merging real life with digital images using Green Screen, or using music editing software to prepare a short piece of music.

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