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At Hunter’s Bar Infants we have created a broad and enriched curriculum that promotes independent learning, enjoyment and achievement. In History we promote a well focused enquiry based approach where children become inquisitive learners and critical thinkers. We ensure cross curricular language and literacy through inspiring and meaningful history forms an integral part of our teaching. History is not about finding the right answer, but more about interpretation and investigating an answer that could be credible based on sources available. Children find things out themselves through enquiry. Key questioning is fundamental to this and we encourage learners to create their own questions and equip them with the skills to do this.

In EYFS pupils build their concept of past and present through planned and purposeful play activities. In KS1 pupils develop an awareness of the past and learn where the people and events they study fit within a chronological framework. They identify, describe and recall significant events and compare and contrast similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods.

Where possible we always offer out of school trips and invite visitors into school to enhance the subject. In Year 1 we recently went to Conisbrough Castle to explore what life was like in a medieval castle. In Year 2, we invited the Victorian classroom into school where the children were transported back to 1883. Children experienced life as a Victorian school child! Such valuable experiences help create a high level of motivation and interest in a topic.

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