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Welcome to Hunter’s Bar Infant School Home Learning Information

Hello and welcome. Please take a look around – we have included links to your child’s home learning activities provided by the school, some information about what you can expect each week, as well other useful resources you might like to use. If you have any feedback about the home learning offer or you or your child would like to get in touch with us via email, we’d love to hear from you.

What does a typical week of home learning support look like?

This is a general overview of what you can expect, and when, from Hunter’s Bar Infant School over a typical term-time week in the case of whole school closure. The majority of activities are delivered through our home learning platform Seesaw

In the case of individual self isolation and class bubbles further information will be given to those affected via email and Seesaw. 

‘Parent Checklist’ for those families who have asked for this to support children with home learning.

Example Core Subject Overview

Example of Foundation Subject Overview

Core and Foundation Subjects

  • Core Subjects: English inc Phonics, Maths, Science
  • Foundation Subjects: Art & Design, Computing, Design & Technology, Geography, History,  Music, PE, PHSE, RE

Celebration Day

Every Friday, we like to celebrate our school community and encourage children to feel proud of their work and supportive of their friends.

  • Happy and Proud: We ask parents via Seesaw to let us know why you are happy and proud of your child this week.
  • Show and Tell: We ask children via Seesaw to share something they have done or seen; this can then be shared with their class
  • Reading Challenge Certificates: We post these onto Seesaw every Friday afternoon, along with Extreme Reading certificates
  • My Star Work: During times of whole school closures we will ask children to nominate one piece of work per week as their star work of the week.

Celebrating and Encouraging Reading

Reading diary pages are posted on Seesaw weekly so that children can continue to work towards their Reading Challenge Certificates outside of school. When posted, the diary page will be ‘stamped’ with a reading sticker and an extra stamp will be added to your child’s Bookmark. Once the Bookmark is full, your child will receive their Reading Challenge Certificate, via Seesaw.

Extreme Reading certificates are awarded to children who post photographs of themselves reading in an unusual location or  whilst doing an unusual activity. 

How can I access home learning activities with my child?


Every child at Hunter’s Bar Infant School has their own dedicated login and workspace (journal) on the Seesaw blog. This is where we share daily learning activities, videos and pictures and also where we give feedback on work submitted. If you are having any problems at all accessing Seesaw with your child, please do get in touch and we will support you with this. Seesaw website link here

You may also find this ‘Beginner’s Guide to Seesaw’ guide useful.

Google Drive

We understand that every child works at their own pace and that you are all facing different circumstances when it comes to managing work and other caring commitments. Because of this we have created a Google Drive for each year group. At the end of each week, we save all the useful work sheets, videos and activities that have been shared through Seesaw in the Google Drive. We don’t delete anything that we save in these folders, which means you can dip in and out of the work at a pace that suits you.

Reception Google Drive 

Year 1 Google Drive

Year 2 Google Drive

ActiveLearn Primary

In school and out of school we use the ActiveLearn Primary Suite to support children with their learning. There are three parts to this suite – please take a look around and try out the activities with your children:

  • Bug Club – online library of e-books, with comprehension style questions throughout
  • Maths Factor – maths activities to work through
  • Spelling and Grammar – this is aimed at Key Stage 1

Every child has their own login which is on Seesaw and written at the front of your child’s reading diaries. If you need support with logging on then please email the year group email and we will help you with this.

Other Useful Websites for Fun Activities and Learning

We have collected a number of other useful resources and websites that you might like to use to support your children’s learning whilst at home. Please note these are not websites managed or controlled by the school.

Alternatives to Online Learning

Everyone’s circumstances are different and we are working in different ways with our families to accommodate their specific needs. All children were given a printed home learning pack in March. This included copies of the types of worksheets you can find on Seesaw or Google Drive. If you are having any difficulties accessing home learning online and we are not already working with you on this, please do call the school or email your year group so that we can support you.

Holiday Activities

Over the school holidays we will continue to add Reading Diaries, Happy & Proud and Show & Tell activities to Seesaw. You will continue to be able to access these with your children, although if you choose to submit work, this will not be monitored or fed back on by Class Teachers like it is during term time.

Staying Connected with your Class Teacher and Each Other

We are working hard to stay connected with our brilliant school community, giving feedback on work and helping motivate children to challenge themselves, support each other, let us know how they are feeling and be proud of their work. Class Teachers and Learning Support Assistants are giving feedback to posts on Seesaw. Children will see ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ written underneath posted activities and other uploads. Sometimes these may include a question for your child to respond to.

If a child nominates a ‘My Star Work’ on a Friday, this will get further comments and be shared with the whole class via the Seesaw blog. The same will happen under any ‘Happy and Proud Seesaw’ posts from parents.

Teachers will post a weekly round up at the end of the week. This may be a video, photo or message. These are often sent via the Seesaw inbox to all pupils and are posted to the Seesaw ‘Class Blog’.

If parents have sent in work via the year group emails this will be ‘copy and pasted’ to the child’s Seesaw page, for teaching staff to feedback on.

Children can also send messages, photographs and videos to friends in their own class, via Seesaw. They simply submit their post and write underneath who their message is for. We will then tag their friend(s) into that post for them to see.

When logged into Seesaw, children can visit their ‘Class Blog’. Here they will be able to see any work posted to the blog by their teachers, the weekly Celebration Assembly video, any certificates posted, and nominations for ‘My Star Work’ and ‘Happy and Proud’. Children can write a comment underneath these posts to say ‘well done’ to their friends. Parents can also add ‘comments’ and ‘like’ posts on blog posts when viewing the ‘Class Blog’.

As well as the online communication and in-school teaching with Key Worker children, we are working closely with our families who need to be supported in different ways. All children should now have received at least one well-being phone call from their Class Teacher and this is something we hope we can keep providing to our children who we know are missing us as much as we are missing them.

Our School Community

We have missed seeing you all every day and we know how much our children are missing their friends and their teachers. It is so important to us that all our children know that we are thinking about them and looking forward to welcoming them back into school. We don’t want them to worry or feel anxious about missing lessons or keeping up with activities that we share. One of the ways we have been keeping in touch and staying connected with our school community is by sharing weekly Headteacher Celebration Assemblies, health and wellbeing messages and general news through our Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you use social media, please do follow us and connect with the school through these channels. We love hearing from you.

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