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Coronavirus COVID-19 Update #3

Coronavirus COVID-19 Update #3

We have had another calm and enjoyable day in school and all children were able to remain in their usual classroom with familiar staff.

The drop off went incredibly well for most pupils in Key Stage One today. They were very grown up and quickly settled into class. Thank you very much for your support with this. It has been noted that pick up can also be a time when it is hard to distance yourself from others so we would ask that you respect other people’s space as best you can and leave promptly. As our numbers go down, the number of people picking up reduces so you may notice a difference. Today, there were 85 children absent.

Home Learning Packs
In the event of school closure, staff will place home learning tasks and work on the class blog pages. Today, we are sending out a home learning pack, which contains familiar resources that children can use to support their learning. Additionally, the children have all been given an exercise book to record their work. Children will be given the login details and password today for the class blog page, should you need a reminder. If you are self-isolating, please could you nominate someone to collect the pack for you if possible?

We know that these are concerning times for many of you and want you to know that we will offer support or signpost you to where you can find help wherever we can. We are proud of the Hunter’s Bar Infant Community and the kindness that you show without exception.

Yours Sincerely,

Catherine Carr

Head Teacher

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