Hunter’s Bar Infant School

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Staff Team

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The Staff Team at Hunters Bar Infant

Foundation Stage

Class 1 Penguins 
Teachers: Mrs Laura Martin/Ms Catherine Hathaway
Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Sue Sherwood

Class 2 Jellyfish
Teachers: Miss Ann Doney
Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Leona Wilson Okrasa

Class 3 Starfish
Teacher: Mrs Jill Ellis
Learning Support Assistant: Miss Simone Machin-Cowan

EYFS Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Rabeena Begum, Miss Rachel Vickers

Year 1

Class 4 Hedgehogs
Teacher: Miss Annie Rose Allen
Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Jill Rackham

Class 5 Foxes
Teacher: Mrs. Kathy Leedham
Trainee Teacher: Miss Hannah Embury
Learning Support Assistant: Miss Emma Brice/Mrs Marilyn Murphy

Class 6 Badgers
Teacher: Mrs Jo Francis/Mrs Hanna Hamed
Learning Support Assistant: Ms Joanne Beaton

Year 2

Class 7 Bumble Bees
Teachers: Miss Katie Newton
Teaching Assistant: Miss Rachel Vickers

Class 8 Woodpeckers
Teacher: Mr. Michael Barnes
Teaching Assistant: Miss Lucy Edwards

Class 9 Butterflies
Teacher: Miss Amy Halliday
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Karen Watkin/Mr Trevor Thompson

Key Stage One Learning Support Assistant: Mr Joe Leedham

HLTA’s (Higher Level Teaching Assistants)

Ms. Jeanette Sparkes
Mrs. Claire King

Learning Mentor
Ms. Jeanette Sparkes

The Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club Co-ordinator: Ms. Jeanette Sparkes

Breakfast Club Assistants: Ms. June Parker/Mr. Trevor Thompson/ Ms Joanne Beaton/Mrs Gina Glossop

After School ’Kids Club’

Club Co-ordinator: Mrs. Kate Hague

Our after school club is run by an external agency. Please contact Stay and Play on 07938 811016 or 07527 680241 for more details.

The Administrative Team

Mrs. Louise Cunliffe

Mrs. Rachel Donaldson

Mrs. Lindsay Fletcher

Lunchtime Supervisory Team

The Indoor Team:
June Parker
Keeley Glossop
Manisha Popat
Julie Danks
Sarah Allen

The Outdoor Team:
Ann Ferris
Angie Rushforth
Joyce Parker
Laura Huntley
Flora Stuart
Samantha Brown
Gina Glossop
Zoe Wichello

The kitchen is based within the nearby Junior school

The Premises Team

Building Supervisor - Mr. Ian Parkin

Assistant Caretaker - Mr. Peter Brearley

The Governing Body

Chair of Governors: Paul Roberts

Vice Chair: Laura Fitzgerald

Jo Allen

Michael Barnes

Paul Burke

Catherine Carr

Anne Cockburn

Louise Cunliffe

Sandra Doyle

Tony Radcliffe

Jeff Wilkinson

Leona Wilson – Okrasa

Brenda Zinober

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