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Home School Association

Every parent or carer with a child at the school automatically becomes a member of the Home School Association (HSA). The purpose of the HSA is to strengthen links between home and school, and enhance our children’s experience at school.

The HSA has an important fund-raising role. Money raised through HSA activities is used to fund activities, resources and equipment that are not covered by statutory funding.

Funding objectives are agreed with the school and promoted to parents. During the last few years the HSA have raised over £4000 towards a visualiser for each class, books, soft furnishings and a solar panel for the school ‘Eco Tower, seating in the library, handbells, and a special visit for each year group e.g. the Stardome visit for Year 2.

But it’s not just about fund-raising. The HSA is about the social aspect of the school too. Starting school can be a bit daunting, for new parents as well as for children! The HSA provides opportunities for you to get to know other parents and staff, and become involved in the school community.

What does the HSA do?

The HSA runs a calendar of social and fund-raising events. During the last school year we organised regular produce sales, Quiz Nights, school calendars, Christmas gifts for each class, a Christmas Fayre with the Junior School - and our infamous parents’ 80’s disco will hopefully return in the summer!

How does it work?

The HSA is a charity, registered with the Charity Commission. Each school year, a Committee is elected. The Committee meet on a regular basis, usually once or twice per half term, to plan and co-ordinate events. Parents are kept updated via an electronic mailing list, posters and newsletters. In addition to the elected Committee, the HSA relies on parents and staff volunteering to be involved in various ways.

So whether you are fantastic at designing posters, have a random great idea, can supervise at a school disco or deeply love photocopying, please consider being actively part of this year’s HSA - it’s a great way of being involved in your childs school - there are still vacancies on our committee for this year!

What have we just achieved?

Every year we focus upon a different project depending upon which parents are involved and what interests they have. We had a really great 2013, partnering with superb and up and coming local artist Jo Peel to create a new playground mural. We always welcome new ideas and energy from all parents and carers. Don’t delay in getting involved if you possibly can!

Take a look at the making of our fantastic playground mural at

The Year of the Solar Schools Project 2013-14

We are all most excited about working with the entire school community to raise the £15,000 needed to fund our very own solar panels and already have lots of fun events and activities planned. Take a look at our solar schools page to discover more at

Want to find out more about the HSA? Find us at:

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