Hunter’s Bar Infant School

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Hunters Bar Infant School  is about much more than the classroom experience. We believe that offering our children a  range of opportunities allows them to flourish as individuals and develops their self-confidence.

We offer a range of  extra curricular clubs and lessons at lunchtime, after school and in-school time . These include opportunities such as:
Tennis, Arts & Crafts, KS1 Choir, Squash, Football, Multisports, Science, Cricket, Guitar, Games, Coding,  Cheerleading, Cookery, Spanish, Construction,  Recorder, Handwriting and Violin, 

Children bring home letters for those clubs/lessons which are provided by external agencies, or take place after school.
Many lunchtime clubs are organised within class, between children and staff.

What is BERT?

At Hunters Bar Infant School we encourage our boys to LOVE reading! Having male role models is an important step in encouraging children to read.
Each week we invite male role model into school to read with our boys. We are lucky enough to have a dedicated selection of dads, granddads, uncles and even some Y5 boys from Hunters Bar Junior School. The volunteers and the BERT boys read in our brand new library where they can choose any book and share it with a BERT volunteer.

Everyone involved in BERT Loves to read and share their favorite book!
We have also run a GERT reading scheme alongside this,

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