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Pupil Premium

The following is a summary of the way in which Hunter’s Bar Infant School is using the Pupil Premium funding to raise achievement for disadvantaged pupils.

The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011 when schools were allocated funding for children from low-income families - eligible for free school meals, looked after children and those from families with parents in the Armed Forces.​

There has never been a better time to apply for Free School Meals. We would encourage all those eligible to take up this opportunity. Please don’t hesitate to contact our school office team who can provide you with further information and discreet support to do so.

To apply for Free School Meals/Milk/Pupil Premium Funding

For information about eligibility for Free School Meals/Milk/Pupil Premium Funding

Total number of pupils on role
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG
Amount PPG received per pupil
Total amount of PPG received April 2016-April 2017

Objectives of spending PPG:
Narrow the gap in progress for our Pupil Premium children in Maths, Writing and Reading.
Raise the aspirations of our Pupil Premium children.
Engage all Pupil Premium children in additional learning opportunities.

Planned Pupil Premium Expenditure 2016/17
Pupil Premium Allocation = £37,600
Planned Expenditure
How expenditure will positively impact on learner
£ 6, 210
Cost of supply cover for teacher involvement in Structured Conversations with parents of targeted pupils 
To actively form strong relationships with parents and ensure that parents are fully informed and active in their child’s learning.
£ 6000
Teaching Assistant Support of learning and progress for pupils across interventions in LEAP/VIP/1ST Class number 
Accelerated progress in Maths and English through targeted focus interventions for language enrichment, and booster maths groups.
£11,477- EYFS
£4000- KEY STAGE 1 
Two Teaching Assistants (Level 1) Support of learning for pupils across school.
For targeted work across school for all pupil premium/vulnerable groups. Meeting specific social and communication needs
 Lunchtime cookery club 
 Targeted pupil premium pupils to develop knowledge of healthy eating. Small social group activity at lunchtime develops social skills.
Covering shortfall in contribution to enrichment activities (based on 23 children @ £25 p.a.)
Enabling targeted children to benefit from out of school enrichment activities 
Enrichment activities offer children the opportunity to experience a wide range of challenges and activities that go beyond the boundaries of the classroom
Inclusion in additional tennis and squash coaching, Spanish lessons and Football coaching
Raising self-esteem and love of learning 
Appointment of Learning Mentor 
To target children requiring support with attendance/punctuality/behavioural and social emotional needs.
Breakfast club places
To support children with school day readiness.
Total £36,172
Significant barriers 2016/17-
- Social communication difficulties
-Specific Learning Difficulties
-Learning Difficulties
-Social Emotional and Mental Health

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