Hunter’s Bar Infant School

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Class 9 (Butterflies)

We are a year 2 class. Our class teacher is Miss Redhead and our Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Watkins and Mr Thompson.

 Watch our video about what life is like in Year 2

Welcome to the unique and equally amazing world of learning in year 2!  In year 2 we love to learn.  Our learning environment is creative and stimulating with opportunities to learn, laugh and grow in a variety of different ways and in a wide range of subjects, including independent and group activities.  We are learning to respect each other’s views, feelings and differences, as well as, supporting and encouraging each other in all aspects of our school life.   We work hard together as a team to achieve our very best in all we do, whether we're in class or out.

We all follow the friendship charter and there is rarely  a sad face, except at home time.

This year we will learn about a wide spectrum of topics, so fasten your seat belts it's going to be a lot of fun!

We have a class target and work together to achieve it. . Then we choose our class treat.

Take a look at our Facebook (@HBISInf) and Twitter (@HBInfants) pages to keep up to date in all we do at school and to see how much fun it is being in year 2!

Year 2 Information Evening - slides

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