Hunter’s Bar Infant School

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Class 5 (Foxes)

Hello we are Class 5 – Foxes. In Year 1 we love to learn.

Mrs Leedham is the class teacher, Miss Embury is our trainee teacher, and our Learning Support Assistants are Miss Brice and Mrs Murphy.

We learn skills and information in a variety of different ways and in a wide range of subjects including literacy, numeracy, science, art and design, computing, music geography, history, RE and PE. Our learning environment is creative and stimulating with opportunities to learn through play and independent and group activities. We also love to work with our partners, ‘eye to eye, knee to knee, I talk to you, you talk to me. We see talk time as a vital ingredient to successful learning. We are learning to respect each other’s views, feelings and differences, as well as, supporting and encouraging each other in all aspects of our school life.

We are a happy, safe and caring class. We support and encourage each other to give our best and help each other to develop our own interests and talents.

We go on lots of visits and have many visitors in to school to help us to learn.

In Foxes we have a class target and work together to achieve it. . Then we choose our class treat.

We hope you enjoy finding out about us.

Take a look at our Facebook (@HBISInfs) and Twitter (@HBInfants) pages to keep up to date in all we do at school.

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